Entry 0 – Why I Started This Blog

This is the first entry of a separate blog I’ve started titled ‘Math In My Own Words.’ It’s my venture to grow as a mathematician.

Math In My Own Words

A little backstory…

Thomas 6th grade 1999 6th grade Thom 🙂

My math education was fairly traditional; learn a concept from the teacher, ask questions, try on your own.  I was placed in the accelerated track for math in middle school in upstate NY and did fairly well.  I moved to El Paso during my junior year and was placed in Pre-Calculus.  I liked my teacher but it was a pretty low income school and most students didn’t enjoy being in his math class.  He would award bonus points for students who found any errors on his test.  I got bonus points on most of the tests.  He ended up getting into some legal trouble near the end of the year so we had a few substitute teachers rotate through for the last month or so of school (including a guy who spent half a class doing personality assessments based solely on our handwriting…

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