Week 19 – Bring On The Primes

I made a short film this week on my lesson on primes and prime factorization in my 6th grade math class.  It’s one of the first lessons I’ve use manipulatives in that class.  I share my struggle with using manipulatives in the video, as well as what worked with the lesson, what didn’t, and what I would change for next time.

It was really fun to make the video, but it’s hard to be teacher and filmmaker at the same time.  I was wanting to really hear what they were saying but also wanted to make sure I was capturing it well.

A few of the resources from the video:

I got this activity from the RL Moore Inquiry Based Learning Conference in 2015. Session led by Judith Covington of Louisiana State University – Shreveport. Activity taken from A Mathematical Foundation For Elementary Teachers.



  1. Great idea to use the stacking blocks on the paper to help the student record and remember what they’re doing with the manipulatives.

    I will be using this idea in the future!

    I also had success this year using the interlocking cubes to teach factors as factors create rectangles, but non factors have missing blocks. Even though I didn’t tell them they were finding factors, by the end of the class, they figured it out. Yeah blocks!

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