Week 23 – Math Magic To Solve 2-Step Equations

This week I’ve been really been getting a bit of filming done.  Below you’ll find a short film I did for my Pre-Algebra classes on a lesson for 2-Step Equations.  I found the lesson on Julie Reulbach’s blog, who modified her lesson from Sadie Estrella’s idea.  Check both of those links for some in-depth write-ups.

Here is THE SLIDE SHOW I used to guide our game and discussion.  Also, here are the DISCUSSION PROBLEMS they worked on after our lesson.

I got most of my ideas for the classroom economy from MYCLASSROOMECONOMY.ORG. They have everything you need to get started. You can also see THIS ENTRY on my blog where I wrote about starting the process on Week 1 of school.

Also, if you’re interested, HERE’S THE RECIPE I used to make the jerky. You don’t need a dehydrator.

Will be filming Middle School Robotics Episode 3 later today.  Additionally, one of my colleagues, Patrick Frasier, does some really awesome work with a problem-based learning approach in his geometry classes.  Will be putting together something we did where we filmed some of his class.  I wasn’t able to be there so it’s mainly going to be shots on tripods but there’s some good stuff!  I’ll share here when I finish that up.



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