A Look Back at My 2016

This was a project a year in the making. I filmed about 1 second everyday this year and I tried to connect each second to the chosen theme for that month. Full disclosure, I didn’t really settle on this project idea until about mid-January so I conveniently just themed January ‘new year’ as all of those things were happening in…the new year…BUT THE REST OF THE MONTH’S VIDEOS MATCH THE THEMES WELL 😀

This is the third year I’ve done this project (first year with themes).

I compiled the video easily using an app called 1 Second Everyday -www.1secondeveryday.com
*along with a little extra video editing afterward.

Music by:
Delicate Steve – http://www.delicatesteve.com/
Podington Bear – http://www.soundofpicture.com
Arp – http://www.studioalexisgeorgopoulos.com/ARP
Bobby Darin – http://www.last.fm/music/Bobby+Darin
The American Analog Set – http://www.amanset.com/
Mum – http://www.mum.is/
Future of Forestry – http://www.futureofforestry.com



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