Classroom Economy Resources

I’ve created a 14-part video series where I walk you through how to create and manage an economy where students apply for jobs, have a salary, pay rent, participate in auctions, purchase their desk, pay taxes, start a business, and more!

I’ve put it the 14-page PDF with links to the videos & supplemental documents.

Pay-if-you-can for Classroom Economy Resources

I’d like my classroom economy series to be available to anyone who is wanting to do it in their class. If you’re able to make the $25 payment, you can complete the transaction below. All resources are available for download below. Let me know how the classroom economy goes in your class and how I can help 🙂


Download full PDF via Google Drive HERE.
Or see all the videos on a YouTube playlist HERE.


Part 1 – Setting Up The Economy: I talk about the my general goals with the classroom economy and my two main tools.

Part 2 – Developing Class Jobs : I talk about the different class jobs I have and my rationale behind them.

Part 3 – Deciding on Bonus Money and Fine System : I talk about the different ways students get fined and ways they can earn bonus money in the classroom.

Part 4 – Introducing Students to the System : I discuss the ways I introduce the students to the economy and the application I have them fill out. (includes editable slide show and job application)

Part 5 – Hiring Students : I discuss how I work through deciding which students get which jobs and what to do if no one applies for a job you need. (includes ‘you’re hired!’ email template)

Part 6 – Setting Up An Online Bank : I talk about how I set up the online banking system for students, which allows me to do direct deposit with their paychecks as well as automatic withdrawals for rent. (includes instructions for student to set it up for you)

Part 7 – Managing Student Fines : I talk about when I give fines, how I keep track of fines, when fine officers write fines, and how students pay fines. (includes editable fine ticket template and editable fine log template)

Part 8 – Bonus Money Day : I discuss the logistics of students tracking their bonus money and how they actually get the money deposited into their online accounts. (includes editable bonus money log for students)

Part 9 – Teaching Students How to Budget : I discuss how I introduce envelope budgeting to students and how I get them to create their own online budgets using (includes two screencasts for students to watch on how to set up and manage their budgets)

Part 10 – Running A Class Auction : I discuss the logistics of how I run the class auctions.

Part 11 – Teaching Kids to Give to Charity : I discuss the logistics of how I get students to partner with their parents to actually use their classroom economy money to give real money to the charity of their choice. (includes editable form students fill out with parents and email informing parents of what’s going on)

Part 12 – Students Buying Desks : I talk about the logistics of having students buy their desks in the class. (includes FAQ document regarding buying desks that I share with students)

Part 13 – Logistics of Giving to Charity : I talk about the logistics of having students actually giving money to charity. (includes screencast for students to follow to see how to give to charity)

Part 14 – Ending the Year & Reflections : I discuss how I end the year with giving to charity as well as logistics of the final auction. I also reflect on changes I plan on making for next year.