Thanks for joining our panel! Here are a few of the resources I mentioned:

Channel planning document

CLICK HERE to see the document students work through as they think about what they want their channel to be about; what do they want to say?

6 Word Story

Don Goble created a free e-book on how he utilizes 6 word stories in his video production class as an introduction to storytelling and video editing. You can see his resources HERE.

I’ve modified it a little bit into THIS planning document. Most students in my class ended up creating a channel trailer of sorts with their 6 word story.

‘Thom Teaches YouTube’ channel

This is where many of the tutorials and assignments I make for students are posted!

Reflecting on the first year of YouTube Video Production class

This is from my main education channel where I help teachers do innovative work. I shared what worked, what didn’t, and changes I was planning to make.

Video reflection example

CLICK HERE to see a document where I modeled a reflection on a video I did about the best breakfast tacos in Austin, TX – also, feel free to watch the video HERE 😉

Ideas for incorporating a YouTube unit into a video production / journalism class

  • Have students do the channel plan, channel art, and their first video
  • If you have a ‘news’ show, have a segment called ‘creator on the rise’ or something like that where you feature an interesting YouTube video someone from the class created for their own channel.
  • Create a YouTube ‘project menu’ where students can pick and choose what type of content to create; they can do 3-4 smaller projects or 1-2 bigger projects. Menu ideas include (listed biggest projects to smallest):
    • edit a music video (using your own footage or this raw Imagine Dragons footage for ‘Believer’)
    • do a livestream with facecam + screen display
    • create a cinematic sequence involving slow-motion, timelapses, and b-roll
    • create a channel trailer
    • explore the analytics of your videos to create a plan of action
    • create an intro sequence for your videos
    • create an end card for your videos