5 BIGGEST MISTAKES I’ve Made As A Teacher

5 BIGGEST MISTAKES I’ve Made As A Teacher

In the teacher social media space, there’s been a lot of talk of how discouraging it could be as a teacher to see all these other teachers online doing amazing things in their classrooms while you feel you’re just trying to make it through the day.

I talk about why I think that happens but also wanted to share some of my biggest mistakes I’ve made as a teacher in an effort to avoid only sharing successes from the classroom.

[This used to be a previous blog but thought I’d turn into a video reflection.]

1:16 – Feeling the need to be in control
3:06 – Taking myself too seriously
4:45 – Worrying too much about being liked by students
6:33 – Not taking time to reflect
7:52 – Trying to be a purist of any methodology

Questions for you:
1. What’s your experience watching other teachers on social media?
2. What’s a mistake you’ve made in the classroom

By Thom H Gibson

I help middle school STEM teachers create meaningful & memorable experiences for their students. Teacher, podcaster, YouTuber. Two-time teacher of the year

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