Skype | Classroom Uses You Haven't Thought Of

Sometimes we don’t utilize simple tools that could have a powerful impact in our classroom. Skype has always been one of those tools for me. It has the power to bring the world into my classroom but I’ve rarely utilized it. I think it’s not until we hear stories of how others are using it that it begins to spark ideas for what it could look like in our classroom.

How to Keep Your Sub Days From Being a Total Wash

My first day in the classroom was as a sub. I went in with ambitions to change young peoples lives; to see the student who isn’t seen, to hear the student who isn’t heard. The sub plan read as follows: “have the students work on odd problems on page 114 in the workbook.” There were about 4 different workbooks amidst the pile of papers on her desk and I don’t know which one she was referring to.

Needless to say amidst my complete lack of classroom management skills and lack of direction, the day was a total wash and one of my worst days in the classroom.

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