I’m an educator at Headwaters School in Austin, TX.  I teach middle school math & robotics, I’m an advisor, I created the high-school YouTube elective, and I have a monthly educational podcast that’s an attempt at educational storytelling more in the style of an NPR show and less of an interview-only type of show.

I’ve been married since 2011 to an enchanting woman named Sara who is a pediatrician.

I have been teaching since the Fall of 2011 and feel I’m always learning.  Outside of education, I enjoy making YouTube content, I’m a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I’m learning mandarin, I share my thoughts on books I’m reading (and jerky I’m eating) on an Instagram account called Books & Beef Jerky, I love to run, and I’m very involved in my local church.


  • 2014 Teacher of the Year – Iduma Elementary School (International Baccalaureate)
  • 2015 Teacher of the Year – Headwaters School (formerly The Khabele School)
  • Google Educator



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