Keeping Kids Curious In The Classroom

Keeping Kids Curious In The Classroom

Welcome to episode 6 of The Thom Gibson Podcast!

In Kindergarten, students are bursting with curiosity; why are doorknobs round, what is carpet made out of, why are my fingers little? Unfortunately, as students progress through their education, they tend to become less curious about the world around them and settle for just asking the questions that will get them the answers to pass the tests that determine their future.

In todays episode, I chat with two-time Teacher-of-the-Year science teacher Kelley Janes who takes time out of every class to allow students to ask questions about the world around them; fostering, encouraging and nurturing that innate curiosity.

We talk about:

  • how she structures question time
  • what she does when she doesn’t know an answer
  • what makes a good question
  • what makes a bad question,
  • what this could look like in classes outside of science.

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