How to Boost Engagement During Remote Learning (Without Using Zoom)

How to Boost Engagement During Remote Learning (Without Using Zoom)
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Four educators (from elementary to high school) share their best advice for those doing distance / remote learning, including one educator in Hong Kong who has just completed his 10th week of remote teaching.


I reached out to a handful of people on Twitter who had done distance learning for at least a couple of weeks already.  Student engagement is one of the biggest challenges in distance learning. While I originally just asked for their best tip, I love that thoughts and guidance on how to increase student engagement was a part of each of their answers.

In the episode, my guests are:

Andrew Chiu | Hong Kong
Middle-School Digital Design Teacher
*just finished his 10th week of distance learning*

CJ Reynolds | New Jersey
High-School Literature & History of Hip Hop Teacher

Mark Rogers | Texas
1st Grade Teacher

Sam Kary | California
6th Grade Humanities Teacher

They share the following:

  • the simplify, simplify, simplify approach Andrew takes
  • practical tips in communication, organization, and video conferencing from 10-weeks of trial and error
  • how CJ hooks his students right at the beginning of the lesson
  • how Mark keeps his 1st graders connected to one another without video conferencing
  • how Sam structures engaging at-home projects that are differentiated and support students each step of the way



Andrew Chiu

CJ Reynolds

Mark Rogers

Sam Kary



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By Thom H Gibson

I help middle school STEM teachers create meaningful & memorable experiences for their students. Teacher, podcaster, YouTuber. Two-time teacher of the year

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